Meet Our Founding Mama

Meet Our Founding Mama


Hi there! Founding Mama here. I just wanted to say hello to our Fresh Little Fam and share a little bit more about me and how Fresh came to be... 

My name is Nellie. I'm a Mama to one adorable, hilarious, sweet toddler Arch and I'm due with our baby girl late summer. I'm madly in love with my husband and so grateful he's an artist and designer and did all our graphics for hugs and kisses. I grew up in a small bubble of a town in Southern Oregon where styrofoam was illegal (literally) and the McDonald's went out of business because nobody ate fast food. After college I moved to Portland, Oregon where I lived for almost a decade before heading to San Francisco then Southern California, then back up to the Pacific Northwest where we live now, in a small beach town just west of Portland. 

Ever since I was a little girl, protecting the environment has been something I've been deeply passionate about. When I was just 10 years old I initiated a fundraiser in my 5th grade classroom to buy an acre of rainforest to protect it from deforestation. In middle school, I successfully petitioned the administration to offer vegetarian and healthy meal options in the cafeteria. Veggies for everyone!

I went on to receive an MBA in Sustainable Business Management and spend over 10 years working as a Marketing Specialist in the organic and gluten free food, green consumer products, and energy efficiency industries and sustainable business development. In all of these roles I found two things that mattered most to me - making a positive impact in our world and educating others to do the same. 

In March 2017 I started Fresh Little Love.  This business was born out of a combination of several different things I'm passionate about - eco-living, healthy living, fashion, conscious consumerism, sharing information and ideas, and of course, raising healthy happy babies. 

While I was pregnant I did TONS of research to find brands who were making sustainable baby products. I wanted to make sure the items I was buying used eco-friendly materials, embraced sustainable operations, and gave back. I spent hours down the hole of the internet, comparing materials, safety standards, and brand values. What I found was that there are some great companies making great products (check out my picks for the best eco-products here!) And that there are lots of companies using materials that aren't only unsafe for Mama Earth, they weren't things I was comfortable wrapping my baby in either. I was shocked to find out how common flame retardants are, especially in baby clothes. 

I felt like there were likely other parents out there who had the same cares and concerns as I did, and who would be interested in all of the things I had learned. I wanted to help others, and I also wanted to share something tangible. I think ALL Mamas and Papas can agree baby clothes are one of the cutest and most fun parts of celebrating their Little Love. And clothes, even tiny baby ones, have a huge impact on our environment and are something that your baby is nuzzled close to every day. 

SO, I started Fresh to help busy parents keep their Little's wardrobes stocked without worry - no worries if the clothes will fit, if they match, if they're toxic, if they're ethically made, if they're eco-friendly. 

Over the last year I have learned SO much and had the honor of meeting so many wonderful families, all with unique and beautiful stories. I hope to continue to grow Fresh Little Love to become a resource for parents to find healthy and eco-living tips and to share more eco-cuteness with the world. 

 In my spare time (what working Mama doesn't have tons of that??) I'm a yoga, fitness, and travel junkie. I love camping around the PNW or exploring tropical destinations. My husband is a surfer, so we usually head where he can catch some waves and I can catch a tan and a cocktail. I love to cook, although haven't had time to get too creative lately. I'm strictly gluten and dairy free and have a deep love for all vegetables (except yellow squash..) so we eat lots of quinoa and kale at our house. Also, wine (when not preggo of course) and chocolate because, balance. 

So that's a little about me! I hope you've enjoyed reading my story and I would love to hear yours too! I'm always happy to answer any questions, dig into some research on any eco questions you have, or just chat!  


Nellie, Founding Mama