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What is Fresh Little Love?

Fresh Little Love is a subscription box that delivers cute, contemporary, eco-conscious baby clothing every season. Each box include 6-8 items that are ethically manufactured from nontoxic and/or organic materials. 

How much is each shipment?

Each box of clothes costs $159, with no additional cost for shipping. The retail value of each box is at least $200, offering our members an average of a 20-30% off retail. 

How do I pay for each shipment?

You'll enter your credit card information when you sign up and will be charged for your first box at that time. Your card will be automatically charged $159 every 3 months after that (don't worry, we'll always send you a note before we charge you). There might be less than 3 months in between your 1st and 2nd boxes, depending on when you sign up. 

When do you send each shipment?

Your first shipment will arrive 1-2 weeks after signing up. After that, you will receive a box every March, June, September, & December around the 15th. 

How do you know what size to send?

You will select a starting size when you sign up. That's the size you will receive in your first box.  After that, we'll automatically adjust your size for future shipments as needed. (We will send you a special note to confirm your 2nd box if you signed up late into the season). For example, if you sign up and select 0-3 month size, your first box will be clothes sized 0-3 months. Your second box, which will arrive 3 months after you sign up, would be clothes sized 3-6 months. The third shipment would be 6-9 months, followed by 9-12 months. The fifth and sixth shipments would both be size 12-18 months and your seventh and eighth boxes would both be 18-24 months. Because our boxes include clothing from a variety of brands, there is bound to be some variance in fit. We do our best to choose items that will fit or err on the bigger side so there's room to grow. Please see below for info on returns.

What kind of clothes are included?

Each box includes 6-8 items fresh for the season. We stock you with clothes you're Little Love will wear more than once. The style is more modern but not so trendy the next Little Love in your life won't rock them. 

Are the clothes seasonal?

We choose items that are seasonal in style but appropriate for all climates, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Please note, not all boxes are the same. Because we work with boutique brands with limited inventories, different size boxes may include different styles of clothes. But they're all equally adorable.

What if something doesn't fit?

Is the fit not right? No worries! Send us a note to and we'll either exchange your item for a new size or credit your account for the wholesale value of the item. 

How long will my membership last?

Your Fresh Little Love boxes will arrive every 3 months until you either cancel or you receive your second shipment in the 18-24 month range.

What if my Little Love is over 2 years old?

At this time we only offer Fresh Little Love boxes up to size 18-24 months. But we have some plans up our sleeves for the future for our Little Toddlers!

Where do your boxes ship from?

Our boxes ship from the beautiful PNW, just outside of Portland, OR. Please excuse any pine needles that make their way into your box. Jk ;) 

How much does shipping cost?

Zip! Zero! Nada! We've got you covered.

Why Organic?

Most baby clothing, accessories, and gear is laden with flame retardants, chemicals, and toxins. These ingredients are not safe for our Little Loves' tiny bodies and they aren't safe for the environment. While not all of the products included in our boxes are organic, they are all free of unsafe chemicals.

What does "Conscious" mean?

When we say "consciously-curated" we mean we diligently shopped for items that don't contain dyes or textiles that are harmful to your baby. We also refer to Conscious companies - companies that offer Fair Trade products, ensure ethical manufacturing practices, give back, and/or employ sustainable practices into their operations and values.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Whaaa??? JK we totally get it, but hopefully it's not because you weren't totally thrilled with your boxes. Just send us an email and we'll cancel your subscription for you. We do require cancellation requests to be made at least 30 day before your next shipment is scheduled to arrive. 

How can I contact you?

Question about our box? About your account? Problem with your shipment? Interested in partnering? Just want to shoot the poo? Leave us a voicemail at 1-800-216-2109 or send an email to and we'll get back to you within 1-2 business days.

You mean I can't call a real person??

At this time, no. We're just a Little Family operation and aren't available 24/7. But we promise we won't leave you hanging if you leave a voicemail. #sorrynotsorry